ADM Industries


At ADM Industries, we combine our expertise in metal forming with our broad range of experience with other manufacturing processes to provide customers with a complete system to produce their part.

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When a customer prefers a finished part with secondary operations complete, we at ADM Industries will manage the process of researching and determining the required specification, locating suppliers, handling the outsource operations, and delivering completed parts.

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ADM Industries uses In-Line Automation to produce required features that can not be done with standard stamping techniques, such as: tapping, attaching a nut or bolt, and assembling multiple parts. Automation can also be used in progressive tools to transfer parts out of the progression, which allows for unusual features that could not be added in the standard progression.

There are times when stamping techniques are unable to consistently produce parts to the required specification due to feature tolerances, material variation, equipment limitations, and part geometry. When necessary, ADM Industries has overcome this problem inherent to specific projects by utilizing In-Line Inspection, which automatically removes parts that are out of specification.

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When advantageous to a customer, ADM Industries can produce assemblies or sub-assemblies using our stamped parts and other components, either outsourced by ADM Industries or supplied by the customer.

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There are inherent limitations to metal stamping which can create the need for secondary machining. At ADM Industries, we can add secondary machining operations on stamped parts, such as tapping, milling, turning, drilling, and reaming, when it is beneficial to the customer.

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